Wellcome Collection - CYP X CALLY:  Being Human Now


We had the opportunity to capture and give platform to the shared experiences of a Gen Z community coping through the covid pandemic. Showcasing the real-life experiences and stories of 15 young people local to Caledonia Estate and CYP, through various creative outputs.

What We did

Creative Direction

Wellcome Collection - CYP X CALLY: Being Human Now

A five-film installation at the Wellcome Collection  curated by us in association with the Copenhagen Youth project and residents of the Caledonian Road area in North London.

Four of the films check in with residents of the Caledonian and Barnsbury wards (‘Cally’) at various stages of the pandemic, interspersed with official announcements of restrictions and dire health warnings.  The other features footage of the Black Lives Matter marches from the summer of 2020 and is soundtracked by the poet Samuel King with background music produced by Armani ‘Amzdatkid’ Malone, an attendee at Copenhagen Youth Project.


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