Live At Sunset + LAS At Home


'Live at Sunset' is designed to defy the rules of genre, curation and performance. Live At Sunset is about creating meaningful moments and memories that broaden the live music experience. We do this by carefully intertwining each artists' performance sonically and by using cosy art direction to imitate a homely environment. Owning the whole process from conception to execution, Live at Sunset remains a staple platform for artists and music brands to engage with audiences in a nuanced and unique way.

What We did

Creative Direction

We believe in high-quality purposeful production with a narrative. With Live At Sunset, we wanted to create a program that felt familiar to audiences whilst also re-introducing the ‘showcase’ format.. This developed into a series that encourages conversation, delivers entertainment and introduces new music with detailed curation and discovery all in one space.

The importance of intimate shows will never diminish. They allow performers to connect with their audiences from the ground-up; encouraging interaction, candid moments and unique experiences.

We leveraged the space in which our work intersects – between the music and community. The live music climate was disrupted in a way we had never witnessed before, and we realised the impact this was having on the formative music years of the Gen-Z demographic (being limited due to the lack of live events especially during a global pandemic).

Looking for an opportunity to indulge in a desire for live music and our influence within the community, we responded with Live at Sunset At Home.


With a new digital age upon us effecting everything including how people consume and interact with music, alternative musicians are struggling to connect with wider  audiences because of the limited access they have to support and a platform. We devised a way for our audience to listen to these artists remotely in a new format we created.


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