Pierre Kwenders - Ego


We were approached by Canadian musician Pierre Kwenders to create the concept and visual for his lead single from his project 'Ego'. The story depicts the love and adoration for the art of dance by communities in Paris. We pulled from the vogueing community and the Central African diaspora experience in Paris and worked closely with figureheads form the Ballroom community to cast the roles and consult to keep the story in a place of realism - specifically in conveying the relationship between the mentor, the young character and the dancer that they idolise.

What We did

Creative Direction

We wanted to blur the lines of fantasy and reality; as you saw the main character practice her routine in front of the Parisian skyline with the vision of her idol in the back. We wanted to show how when we study someones craft; and engulf yourself in finding ways to improve, your influences manifests within you. We see it all the time in the music, fashion and entertainment world; when artists influences are very clear in their work; this was to show that it happens locally too; in ways that manifest differently.


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