Shae Universe - You Lose


The representation of Black women in the media is benchmarked, like so many other things to a white lens. The consequence of this is a lack of authentic visibility of Black women, able to express their truth. A Visual produced during the pandemic.

What We did

Creative Direction


Our work with Shae was an opportunity to show how 100 women from around the world could come together as an act of support and solidarity to convey the message of 'You Lose'. Filmed from their bedrooms, kitchens, studios and safe spaces, we aimed to platform a moment of true visibility.

We creative directed and produced a film that went viral and impacted the conversation around redefining the standards for which Black women can platform and showcase their craft.


"Can't lie, felt kinda emotional watching this. I watched it twice!! It's so heartwarming seeing all these women coming together to support ONE Artist - another woman. It's powerful, it's touching, it's a MOVEMENT man. Well done to everyone involved and massive big up to Shaè!!! love love love" - Faiza
"This video was such lovely and positive good vibes during these corona times. I liked the creativity and the DIY feel actually just made the song that much more relatable tbh. Also the sheer amount of black beauty...." - Tito
"i felt attacked watching this video looool that's how you know it's fire..." - Kojey Radical

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